Garden Therapy

July 12, 2013

When my husband and I moved into this apartment, our backyard was a strip of dirt that lay between our stairs and the garage. Construction debris was scattered throughout, and a rusty stove sat at one end. Once the junk was cleared away, I saw that this dirt was also home to a beleaguered rose bush.

A month later, the arrival of spring triggered a new desire in me, the perpetual tenant with homeowner envy: I wanted to try my hand at gardening. (Read the full post here:


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  • Susie

    Way to go Kim! Who knew you had such a green thumb? My cousin and life long best friend has a garden plot in a community garden, which has become her obsession. She showed it to me the other day and I was astounded at how much she had growing there, and how great it looked. It is indeed her “therapy” and she loves sharing the extras with her neighbors. I am salivating waiting for her tomatoes!!

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