Its Never Too Late To Begin Again Book

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Are there dreams and creative projects that you’d like to pursue or revisit? Are you in a career or life transition, asking, “What’s next?” or “What do I really want?” and seeking to live more fully expressed? If so, I highly recommend taking a look at Julia Cameron’s bestseller, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity and her related book for those over 55, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again.

Since 2002, I’ve coached and supported hundreds of people on journeys of creative recovery and self-discovery using The Artist’s Way and It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again. The books lay out a brilliant program for anyone who wants to live more authentically and “in color,” whether or not you considered yourself an artist. I found my way to this work in 1997 and it profoundly changed my life. The powerful essays and exercises in these books, the daily and weekly practices, and my experienced coaching can guide you to reclaim your passions and authentic expression as you learn to overcome procrastination, perfectionism and self-sabotage. While the work takes you deeper into your life story and “issues” than the titles may suggest, and requires a commitment of time and energy, the results are powerful and life-changing if you stick with the process and challenge your resistance. Intrigued? Read these testimonials and contact me for a consultation…


  • The Artists Way opened up new roads and inspired me to start living now! I took a sabbatical from my job to focus on my dreams of art and travel. This book helps you to actualize your dreams.

    - Margot B.

  • Kim coaching with It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again helped me regain my creative impulse, overcome inertia, and feel a sense of joie de vivre again.

    - Jan P.

  • Kim Childs is genuinely interested in your growth, keeps the tasks engaging, celebrates your victories and re-frames your stumbles with kindness. She’s a fabulous coach and teacher!

    - Lisa P.

  • Kim’s workshop on The Artist Way helped me to return to writing poetry regularly and I later hired her to coach me individually. I find her a perceptive listener who challenges me through my resistance.

    - Walter B.

  • Because of Kim and The Artist Way, I took a long-awaited, much needed trip to Europe and started to play the guitar. Eventually, I started singing and writing songs, and I just released my second CD!

    - Rory M.

  • My work with Kim and Artist’s Way cracked and blew me open. I finally launched a small consulting business and was able to respect and share my writing and drawing. Today I hardly recognize the alive, creative and happy person that I am.

    - Catherine J.

  • During Kim’s class on The Artist’s Way, I handed in my resignation at work, created the trip of a lifetime with my grandchildren, and planned a yearlong sabbatical starting in Sedona, Arizona!

    - Nancy M.

  • The Artist’s Way steered me back to an artistic path I’d ignored for 20 years. Kim guides you through recovery with encouragement, inquiry, and personal stories, helping you discover how to weave creativity into your life as it exists right now.

    - Bob M.

  • This work has been nothing short of transformational for me, especially Kim’s insights, humor, and encouragement to live more authentically and creatively. I highly recommend Kim as a creative coach and all-around inspiration.

    - Sheila F.