Kim Childs

My Story

In 1998, I left a successful career in public radio journalism to follow my heart and “take the leap” in the direction of what promised greater joy and fulfillment. My journey of personal growth led me to live and train for two years at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, where I became a yoga teacher and transformational workshop facilitator. In 2002, I landed in the Boston area and began teaching Kripalu yoga, and workshops on The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, the book that set me on this path of recovery and transformation in 1997. Today I’m a certified life and career coach specializing in Positive Psychology (aka the “science of happiness” – learn more here), creativity, soulful living, and midlife transitions. It’s a career that fits me like a glove and makes my heart sing, as I help my clients to know, love, and trust themselves more deeply, re-frame painful experiences, cultivate an optimistic mindset, and take their own leaps into wonderful new circumstances.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, I have additional training and certifications from Wholebeing Institute with Tal Ben-Shahar, Positive Acorn with Robert Biswas-Diener, and Deep River Facilitation with Abby Seixas. Since 2020, I’ve added energy healing techniques to my coaching as a graduate of the Tollera Energy Mastery System and practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka “tapping”). My coaching is also informed by the powerful work of Mama Gena and her School of Womanly Arts. Ready to go for your dreams, too? Please contact me for a free phone consultation or a paid sample coaching session via Zoom or in person. The investment in my 6-session/3-month coaching package is similar to the cost of out-of-pocket therapy and bodywork, and I see life and career coaching clients from around the Boston area in my Arlington, MA, office and from anywhere via Zoom.

I live near Boston and also spend time on Cape Cod, where I grew up. I believe in and practice kindness, courage, lifelong learning, inclusiveness, authenticity, joyful service, and following our passions. My own passions include singing, drumming, writing, traveling, enjoying friends and family, and walking the Minuteman Bikeway. I’ve written for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Natural Awakenings magazine, Wholebeing Institute, Kripalu Center, Grub Street, and my own blog, A Pilgrim on the Path. I’ve also volunteered with South Sudanese Enrichment for Families, an organization that’s helped the “Lost Boys and Girls” of South Sudan to start new lives and families in the Boston area. As my spiritual teacher Swami Kripalu once said, “The whole world is one family.”

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  • I went in hoping for career guidance and never expected to also learn so much about myself and develop so many valuable interpersonal skills with Kim’s help.

    - Jaimee S.

  • I felt absolutely motivated after each of our coaching sessions, and made changes that I truly never thought were possible.

    - Eric V.

  • When I was looking to find myself again — not as a mom or wife, but as my own person — Kim helped me redirect my thoughts and find ways to make myself happy.

    - Kibibi R

  • I’m grateful to Kim for reconnecting me with myself, asking me to listen deeply to my real desires, and encouraging me to pursue them. I’m very excited for the future!

    - M. Schuler

  • I experienced a great deal of personal growth with Kim’s coaching assignments and I’m very satisfied with the results. My personal life has improved, my house is neater and I even got a better job!

    - Nancy N.

  • Working with Kim was an amazing few months of learning, and then applying what I learned, to see results I had only hoped for!

    - Christiana S.

  • With Kim’s help, I learned how to schedule in time for myself and my projects and, more importantly, how to commit to it, show up for it, and act on it!

    - Devlin O.

  • Kim’s coaching was extremely helpful during my career transition. She asked great questions, directed me to helpful resources, and bolstered my confidence by helping me understand my own strengths.

    - John M.

  • Kim helps clients figure out what’s blocking them and offers effective strategies to move forward. I came away with tools to reach my immediate goal and the realization that I have more power over my state of mind.

    - J.M.

  • With Kim’s professional guidance, I went from feeling completely stuck to finding a new, fulfilling job.

    - Helaine D.

  • Kim is an amazing listener and a fantastic, supportive coach. She has a powerful ability to take in all the loose threads of a situation and hand them back, woven together in a way that makes sense.

    - Roxie M.

  • I started working with Kim at the beginning of the pandemic. She provided guidance and support during our sessions and “assignments” between meetings, got me excited about my next steps and gave me a feeling of empowerment! I recommend her without hesitation.

    - Marielle R.

  • Kim quite literally helped me change my life around in the course of one summer. My sessions with Kim were one of the best investments I ever made in myself.

    - Joe T.