The name of my coaching business comes from a powerful dream I once had about courage and taking leaps. Read the story here and in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions.

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Take the Leap Coaching

“I went in hoping for career guidance and never expected to also learn so much about myself and develop so many valuable interpersonal skills.” – Jaimee S.taketheleaplogo

“I felt absolutely motivated after each of our coaching sessions, and made changes that I truly never thought were possible.” – Eric V.

  • Facing or craving change in your life or career?
  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unclear about how to move forward?
  • Need help clarifying desires and goals, taking inspired action and staying on track with accountability and tailored support and resources?GetAttachment.aspx

If so, you could benefit from a coach!
Coaching is a collaborative process in which I help you clarify your desires, strengths, resources (inner and outer), and inspired actions to make the changes you seek. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote, “At the center of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” My job as a Certified Life and Career Coach specializing in Positive Psychology, creativity, soulful living and midlife transitions is to help you remember and access that truth, be a “thought partner” as you brainstorm and strategize, help you transform limiting stories and beliefs, hold you accountable to the actionCIPP badges you decide to take, support you on the journey with tailored resources, and celebrate your triumphs. You can learn more about the coaching process here. I myself have always taken the leap to follow my heart in the direction of what promised greater fulfillment, and I’ve been helping others do the same since 2002!

Hours and Options for Working Together
I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation or a paid 1-hour sample coaching session/consult to see if we’re a good fit, and my coaching package consists of 6 sessions spread over 3 months. Clients who complete a package and wish to continue pay a reduced fee for sessions later on. Sessions are 1 hour long, and I meet with clients in my office in Arlington, MA, or via Zoom or Skype on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11am-7pm and Fridays from 1-4pm.

My cozy office

Intrigued? Please contact me to schedule a consultation and explore whether my coaching style is right for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

My life and career coaching clients hail from Arlington, Newton, Wellesley, Waltham, Lexington, Somerville, Winchester, Cambridge and many other towns and cities in the Boston area, and from all around the world via video. For a little self-coaching, try any Positive Psychology exercise featured here. Meanwhile, here’s what some of my clients say:

I met with Kim after I was devastated by the loss of a job. Not only did she help me to keep moving through the process of assessing my career and taking the next steps, but she also helped me examine my strengths and weaknesses in order to foster personal growth. Kim had a wonderful mix of honesty, accountability, compassion and support, and she encouraged self-care, which resulted in a newly discovered love of drawing! I went in hoping for career guidance and never expected to also learn so much about myself or develop so many valuable interpersonal skills. Kim’s a phenomenal coach!” -Jaimee S.

“I felt absolutely motivated after each of our coaching sessions, and made changes that I truly never thought were possible.” -Eric V.

“Kim and I started with organization and I knocked off projects that were hanging over my head for years. We worked on improving my family relationships and I experienced a great deal of personal growth with the coaching assignments. I am very satisfied with the results – my personal life has improved, my house is neater and I even got a better job!” -Nancy N.

“Working with Kim was an amazing few months of learning, and then applying what I learned, to see results I had only hoped for!” -Christiana S.

“I was inspired to work with Kim because of a post she wrote about how what she enjoyed when she was young became a guide to doing the work she enjoys now. Through her excellent listening skills and guiding questions, Kim helped me identify skills I like using that I can use in and outside of work. Kim also has an uncanny way of pointing me toward just the right resources for inspiration.” -Peter H.

“Thank you, Kim, for connecting me with myself, asking me to listen deeply to my real desires, and encouraging me to pursue them. I’m very excited for the future!” -M. Schuler

“At a point in my life where I was looking to find myself again — not as a mom or wife, but as my own person — Kim helped me redirect my thoughts and find ways to make myself happy. I loved the way she would stop me when I’d go on and on with my stories and say, ‘Let’s focus on you…What can you do? What can you change?’ She helped me realize that I was in charge of my own happiness and shared tools that I needed to get to a happier place. I’m still a work in progress, but so glad for Kim’s help along the way.” -Kibibi R.

“I reached out to Kim during a job search, when I found myself procrastinating. During our meetings, we organized our time according to what I wanted to accomplish, and Kim kept me focused when I bounced from one idea to another. I also needed deadlines, and we made them. In between sessions, Kim supplied positive encouragement to keep me moving forward. Once she even gave me a mystery box to open when I ‘needed a lift.’ I can’t tell you what was in that box, but it made me laugh, and laughing is so important during transition!” -Meg Weed, artist and architect

“I hired Kim to be my life coach when I needed to create clarity in my personal and professional life. After our first conversation, I had a good feeling about her skills and approach. I, myself, am a life coach and I wanted to work with someone who was professionally talented and thinks outside of the box. Today I can say that not only do I have more clarity in my private and professional life, but so many amazing opportunities have sprouted as a result with working with Kim. I will always be grateful for her guidance, her presence during the ups and downs of my journey, and for all the successes I am celebrating today!” –M.N.

Kim helped me appreciate my own strengths. I think that is how a coach can build confidence. It is far more effective than mere reassurance and stroking.” -John M.

I found Kim during a search for a life coach at a time when I was stuck in several aspects of my life. She listened with acuity to my story and was immediately on my side. She was instrumental in helping me cut through the inertia that was holding me back and, through gentle and insightful probing, Kim enabled me to prioritize my goals and take positive action. She supplies thorough notes on each coaching session with helpful motivational assignments. Her support and encouragement is a real gift and she has really made a difference in my life.” -Jan Powell, artist/educator

I found working with Kim incredibly helpful. While I’ve been in therapy many times in my life, the changes I was able to make in just a few months with Kim as a coach were amazing. The positive psychology strategies that she helped me use have been very effective, and I feel better now than I have in many, many years.” -K.E.

“Kim shares her warm, loving energy with her clients, helping them figure out what could be blocking them and offering extremely helpful strategies to move forward. She is intelligent, intuitive, non-judgmental, and patient. In the end I came away with not only tools to reach my immediate goal, but also the realization that I have more power than I thought over my state of mind and positivity through new forms of mindfulness and additional skills. I am so grateful!” -J.M.

In times of personal soul-searching and career exploration, it’s easy to become discouraged and confused. Kim invited me to see things from a more centered, positive and promising perspective. When I found myself at an impasse, she helped me to break things down into not-so-insurmountable issues and overcome real and self-imposed obstacles. Together we crafted a plan of action to help me believe in myself, find my own drive, and take the necessary steps toward the fulfillment of my dreams and aspirations. Kim was also a source of contagious positive energy and inspiration, and a motivational life coach who always rooted for me to be my most authentic, confident, expressive self.” -Roberta J.