Joyful Like Buddha

Jsunfloweroyful Like Buddha – a 10-week fusion of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness
Arlington, MA; April 3 – June 5; $395
This 10-week program is designed to help you cultivate greater naturally arising joy, peace of mind and other positive emotions using the book Awakening Joy, by James Baraz, and selected Positive Psychology and mindfulness practices. We’ll become greater observers and stewards of our thoughts to guide them in ways that incline our minds toward appreciation and wiser choices for more authentic happiness and equanimity. The next course runs from April 3 to June 5 on 10 Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm in Arlington, MA, and the investment is $395. Our weekly meetings include guided meditation, exercises and discussion of the week’s homework. I’ll enroll a maximum of six students in the group and include a 45-minute private coaching call for each student. To see if it’s right for you, please contact me. Note: This is not a therapy group, nor a program for those needing the help of a mental health professional. It may, however, complement such treatment.

Here’s what students say:

Before I took this class, happiness always seemed to outpace me. Now I understand that happiness is an achievable state of mind, and all I need to do is pay attention. I’m better at noticing and reflecting on the cause of a bad mood and having an inner dialogue that allows me to calm down and trust that things will work out. Rather than waiting to experience joy in the future, we just need to awaken to its existence within and all around us.” –Melissa Dailey

“Awakening Joy is an eye- and heart-opening book and I’m so grateful that Kim is leading this workshop. Awakening joy also means understanding our fears, anger and emotional life in general. Kim is a very supportive facilitator, giving each member their time, asking pertinent questions in a gentle way and sharing wisdom from Positive Psychology and many other sources.” –RachelMarta