Dream Boot Camp

Wednesdays, October 11 – November 15, 7-9pm in Arlington; $330

If you could write a word across the sky that represented a yet-to-be realized dream of yours, what would it be? Still thinking? Or, do you know what you’d write but doubt that it can happen? You are not alone. Dreams take clarity, courage, commitment, faith and inspired action to come true. I know this from decades of experience making them happen for me and many others. That’s why I’ve designed this six week class to help you:

  • Name one dream and commit to it (no matter how many others you have!)
  • Get clear on the reasons you want this to come true (understand your “Why”)
  • Meet and clear the fears, doubts and resistance that would block you (to keep you “safe”…and stuck…)
  • Identify and map out inspired actions
  • Take those actions with support and accountability
  • Receive extra support during a 1-hour private phone coaching session with me

We’ll meet in my Arlington office for 6 Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm in a small group format (I may also form a daytime group on Tuesdays from 11am-1pm) and the investment is $330. There will be some assigned reading and resources to supplement our work, and I’ll bring my years of coaching The Artist’s Way and Positive Psychology to the process. Intrigued? Contact me to see if this is a good fit for you. Meanwhile, here’s to your dreams!