Life and Career Coaching

Are you ready to “take the leap” toward a more personally fulfilling life or career?

Whether your goal or desire for change is personal or professional, I can tailor my approach to your needs. I specialize in Positive Psychology (to increase resilience, optimism and purposeful living), creativity (to map and manifest creative dreams of all kinds) and midlife transitions (to answer those “What’s next?” and “Now what?” questions and live into new chapters). We begin with a brief questionnaire and a 50-minute complimentary consultation in my Arlington office or via phone, Skype or Zoom to see if we can work together to achieve your goals and desires. I then see clients in packages of 6 sessions, spread over 3 months. Clients who complete that package pay a reduced fee for any additional sessions.

During the coaching process, we stay focused on your agenda and co-create actions based on what you desire to achieve. I help you assess your strengths and inner and outer resources, identify action steps, and hold you accountable to the actions you decide to take. I also share tailored resources, and offer challenges and inquiries to expand your self-knowledge and comfort zone. Finally, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, as I truly delight in my clients’ triumphs and leaps!

Clients speak

“I went in hoping for career guidance and never expected to also learn so much about myself and develop so many valuable interpersonal skills with Kim’s help.” – Jaimee S.
“I felt absolutely motivated after each of our coaching sessions, and made changes that I truly never thought were possible.” – Eric V.
“At a point in life where I was looking to find myself again — not as a mom or wife, but as my own person — Kim helped me redirect my thoughts and find ways to make myself happy.” – Kibibi R.
"Thank you, Kim, for connecting me with myself, asking me to listen deeply to my real desires, and encouraging me to pursue them. I'm very excited for the future!" - M. Schuler
"Today I can say that, not only do I have more clarity in my private and professional life, but so many amazing opportunities have sprouted as a result of working with Kim. ” – M.N.
"Kim listened with acuity to my story and was immediately on my side. She helped me cut through the inertia that was holding me back, prioritize my goals and take positive action." - J. Powell
I experienced a great deal of personal growth with Kim's coaching assignments and I'm very satisfied with the results. My personal life has improved, my house is neater and I even got a better job!" - Nancy N.
“I felt heard and understood by Kim, and most importantly motivated by the positive energy she exuded.” – Nicole D.
"Working with Kim was an amazing few months of learning, and then applying what I learned, to see results I had only hoped for!" Christiana S.

My hours
Tues./Wed. from 10am-7pm (in my office or via phone or Zoom)
Thur. from 10am-7pm (via phone or Zoom)
Fri. from 10am-4pm (via phone or Zoom)

My Positive Psychology and coaching certifications come from Whole Being Institute with Tal Ben-Shahar and Positive Acorn with Robert Biswas-Diener. I have additional training from the Coaches Training Institute.

Incidentally…the name of my coaching practice comes from a powerful dream I once had about courage and faith. I tell the story here in Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Think my coaching style could be a fit for you? Please contact me for a complimentary consultation via phone, Zoom or in my Arlington, MA, office. I look forward to hearing from you!

My cozy office in Arlington, MA