“See the night sky, and know. . .that you are made of the same stuff as those stars in your eyes. 
And that your time on this earth is for shining.”
– Kim Childs

July 23, 2014

Trees: A Love Story

The roots of my love affair with trees run deep... Read More...

June 18, 2014

Living Gratitude

Expressing gratitude instantly makes me feel abundant, expansive, and connected to source Read More...

May 31, 2014

Finding Our Tribes

While my online connections are wonderful, they don’t take the place of real people in my space Read More...

Craving change in your life, career or well-being? Need help defining desires and setting and meeting goals? I’m a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and I’d love to help you create a more personally rewarding life.

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Reclaim your dreams and live more fully expressed in my transformational workshops based on Julia Cameron’s life-changing book, The Artist’s Way: a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. 

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